Cello Rondo

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Or… an amazing feat of musical, multimedia magic!

The video below was created by Ethan Winer a couple of years back. I plead no excuse for having missed it – I used to be a frequent visitor to Ethan’s site. Kind of speaks to the overall theme here, eh? Anyway, cellists will especially appreciate this. I’m surprised I’ve never heard of it being aired on (at least) PBS or something, as it’s been viewed something like half a million times on the web. It’s fascinating. Ethan describes it:

I thought it would be a fun project to write and record a pop tune using nothing but cellos, then make a video of the performance. The original goal was to keep everything entirely acoustic, with no recording studio effects or other processing. I quickly abandoned that idea to get more variety of sounds, but everything you hear was played entirely on my cello. There are 37 separate cello parts recorded on 23 tracks using 37 plug-in effects. I don’t know if I should be embarrassed to admit I spent hundreds of hours on this project, or proud to have paid so much attention to detail. You be the judge.

Uh…. proud, dude!!! Duh!!

Nice one, Ethan!!

Note: A Cello Rondo is Copyright © 2005 by Ethan Winer

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  1. William A. Ford Says:

    WOW! really does say it all in this case.