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I know… lame. But it’s accurate, at least.

I’ve spilled the news to everyone who might care, so I don’t think there’s any problem noting here that… I’ll be changing jobs at the end of next week!

As it almost always is in a situation like this, it’s with mixed feelings, but mostly very good ones in this case. Five years is the longest I’ve spent with any one employer… ever. So there’s some trepidation mixed in there as well. Okay, not much. I’m currently working for a five-plus-year-old company that was recently “rebooted” back to start-up status, and I’m moving to a corporation with over 7,000 employees worldwide, so…

I’ve actually got three bona fide offers at this point, but one stands out very clearly, and I’ve pretty much decided on that one. I’ll be using all the experience I’ve collected over the last five years PLUS finally getting a chance to do work in 3D visualization. That’ll be a first, professionally, since a very short stint as Project Manager for Philips Medical Systems, working on a system that converted CT and MRI images to 3D graphical renderings for radiological diagnosis. That system used the PIXAR image computer, and guess who was pretty much over-the-moon when he got sent out there for two weeks of training – working with and learning from guys like Don Schreiter and Ed Catmull. The Philips system development was snatched back to Holland by corporate when the technology got interesting (read: marketable), which was pretty disturbing. I’ve wanted to do something practical with 3D ever since. This will be a chance. More to come on that.

The Lyle is still in the shop as I type this. Jane said it would take some time, but we’re going into the ninth month here. I haven’t said anything and, although it would be nice to have it here to play, it’s fine with me as long as it takes. Plenty of other instruments here that I’m not practicing on enough anyway.

Anyway – wish me luck!

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  1. Bill Says:


    OK, I already know you have the new job and I haven’t read the two newest entries, but I have excuses.

    Holler at me Offline as I have an interesting C++ article URL to send you.


  2. Ron Says:

    Heh. You funny.

    Holler transmitted.