Synthesizing the Tabernacle

12:06 am Audio Recording, Education, Software, Synthesizers

This week’s assignment for the SONAR course was kind of interesting.

Last week we recorded a MIDI performance into a track – anything we wanted – just to get the hang of it. I chose something I picked out on the (mostly) white keys back when I was about 14. See ‘Organ Part’, below.

This week we had to take that single track and expand it without adding any new recorded material. Just copy-and-paste, edit the notes with SONAR’s tools, add whatever synthesizers and effects we wanted, etc. So I turned the organ part into Ron’s Tabernacle Choir (with orchestra).

Note: everything you hear is being created in the computer using the “software synthesizers” that come with SONAR 8.

Organ Part – MP3 – 192kBps – 2.1MB – 1:27 min.

Organ, Choir and Strings – MP3 – 192kBps – 2.2MB – 1:27 min.

3 Responses

  1. Jim Menard Says:

    Both files lead to a “Not Found” page.

  2. Ron Says:

    Weird. I just tried them again and they both worked fine – even though the URLs were wrong. Stupid WordPress… or, may have been a cache thing on my box here.

    Give another try – should be fixed now. Thanks for the head’s up.

  3. Jim Menard Says:

    That’s better. Sounds like a fun experiment.