Fold Over Me

3:53 pm

Hopefully I completed my first Master Certificate (in Theory, Harmony and Ear Training) at Berkleemusic last week (update: with a 4.0 average! …uh-huh… uh-huh…). Still waiting for the final grade to be posted for my last class. It was a lot of work, but it sure doesn’t seem like it’s been over two years.

This term should be the last one for the second Master Certificate (Arranging and Orchestration). Both classes look to be extremely interesting: Film Scoring 101 and Songwriting for Film and TV.

We hit the ground running in Songwriting – the video below is my submission for the first week’s assignment, which was to write a song for a snippet of an episode of Grey’s Anatomy, which I’ve never watched. All week I kicked around ideas but nothing really gelled. Then yesterday on the way home from band rehearsal a bit of a verse melody came to me, then some bridge melody and, before I got home, I pretty much had the whole tune composed in my head. Pardon the ugly vocal – I’m fighting a really nasty cough right now. If this thing lives beyond schoolwork, hopefully I can get my daughter to sing it.

This was done in SONAR 8.5 Producer (32-bit version) since QuickTime doesn’t yet support 64-bit and I didn’t install a 32-bit version of SONAR X1 (which, so far, really hasn’t even been worth the nominal $99 I spent for the upgrade). Drums are Session Drummer 3; guitar and piano are both EastWest PLAY instruments, played/sequenced by me; bass is me, live. I think I got the audio file a few seconds too long (whiteout at the end). Hey – it’s my first time ever trying this…

Video is below (just click). Enjoy.

Grey’s Anatomy – Episode: Drowning on Dry Land, Season 3.
Touchstone Television and ABC © 2007.
Fold Over Me – Ron Romano © 2011


Fold Over Me

All of these faces
They fold over me
Tellin’ me when to laugh,
Who to love. How to see.
When to breathe.

All of these places
They fold over me
No place to call home.
Or just lay down.
No place to be free.

I’m so tired
Of tryin’to make everything better
I can’t hide
From the life that you want me to lead
Just so inspired
To write it all down in a letter
Leave it behind
For someone to find.
And let it fold over me.

Copyright © 2011 Ron Romano