My Heart Still Needs You

3:38 pm

Week 2 of Songwriting and we’re still pushing forward.

This week’s real-world assignment was to rewrite a temp song (i.e., something that’s already been recorded, published, released, etc.) that’s been used in a movie or TV show for screening purposes. It’s a torch song being played at a high school reunion (by a DJ) and needs to have a musical break for dialog. The licensing would cost too much to use the original, so an original ‘sound-alike’ needs to be written… in three days.

There are rules and techniques associated with this, but I won’t bore you. Basically, the idea is to create something original that’s as close to the original temp song as possible, without skirting copyright issues, etc. Except for the lyrics, melody and vocal track, of course, this was cobbled together quickly from various loops I found here and there – resequenced, recorded, mixed, etc.

I’ll leave it to you folks to guess which tune I cloned here. It may be obvious, but perhaps not quite as obvious as you think, because the IMaj7-vim7-iim7-V79 chord progression used in this tune is pretty popular for standards. Maybe this’ll become one of them.

My Heart Still Needs You – MP3 – 128kBps – 3.7MB – 3:51 min.


My Heart Still Needs You

One day you found my empty heart
(and) You filled it with your
Love from the very start.
Then you left me and I don’know why.
My lips want to say good-bye.
But my heart still needs you …

Your laugh still taunts me every day.
I wake at night – you’re gone.
And that ache won’t go away.
Darlin’ you gotta know
My hands want to let you go.
But my heart still needs you …

One day you held this empty heart.
And filled it with your smilin’ love.
Now it’s torn apart. You’re gone and I
Don’t know why.
My head don’t wanna wonder why.
But my heart still needs you

Those nights above that foggy bay
Those quiet little games we’d play
I’ve tried to put that all away
And every time I think it’s gone
It all comes back like a favorite song
What can I do – my heart still wants you.

Copyright © 2011 Ron Romano

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